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Ryan was born and raised in Highland, Illinois and relocated to Denver, Colorado to pursue opportunities in business. During this time, he spent 7 working as a Solutions & Business Analyst while simultaneously completing a Lewis Myers Scholarship at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts Academy. At the DCPA, he worked for two years learning writing and acting from some of the area’s most reputable teachers.

Regional credits include The Queen’s Ball, A Bridgerton Experience (Shondaland, Netflix, Fever), All’s Well That Ends WellCoriolanus (Colorado Shakespeare Festival), The Liar u/s (Arvada Center), Shakespeare in the Parking Lot (DCPA Education), Airness1984, Parfumerie (Benchmark Theatre). Ryan also completed voice-over and facial motion capture for Deck Nine’s video game collection, Life Is Strange Remastered. Training: B.A. from Benedictine College; Lewis-Myers Scholar at DCPA Education.

Ryan is adamant about his belief that performers are never "finished" with their work; there will always be more learning, analyzing, and assimilating. To Ryan, theatre and film allow us to better understand each other by creating empathy through story-telling. ​It is not only a basic human right, but also a privilege, to make sure the world hears good stories. 

"The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” 
― Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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